Phyllocladus toa toa

Phyllocladus toa toa

Formerly Phyllocladus glaucus.  N.Z. NativeA small tapering tree, 25 to 45 ft with a trunk 30 to 40 cm in diameter.  Branches stout, whorled, spreading or slightly ascending.  Branchlets flattened and expanded into stiff leaf-like phylloclades.  Grows in lowland & mountain forests in the North Island from Northland, southwards to Coromandel Peninsula.  Sea Level to 700 metres.  Recognised chiefly by its very large phylloclades which are usually a bronzy colour.  This is the most striking of the three New Zealand species of Phyllocladus but is seldom seen in cultivation.  As a lawn specimen it is excellent and its growth is sufficiently slow that it does not become too tall.  The average height in cultivation is 15 to 20 feet tall.  Although restricted to the northern part of the North Island in its natural habitat it appears to be quite hardy and grows happily in Christchurch and has never been injured by the heaviest of frosts.                    2.5 metres high x 1.3 metres wide in 10 years in our nursery/garden

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Plant size : 40 cm

Pot size: 4.5 ltr


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