Podocarpus totara

Podocarpus totara

.Z. native.  A prized timber tree.  Leaves of the young tree a dull brown changing when older to dark blue-green.  The young tree grows quite fast and new seasons growth is long, straggly and waves all about.   It will settle down on its own without staking.   It makes a handsome specimen tree with a large round head in time.   Can be used in the smaller garden as it is easily controlled by trimming.   It is now being used as a hedge or shelter tree as it is so nice trimmed.   Can be used for topiary too.   Podocarpus totara has the ability to re-shoot after being cut back to bare wood.  The Totara is particularly hardy and will grow in almost any soil and situation.  Moderately salt wind hardy. 

5 metres high x 3.5 metres wide in 10 years.

Grade Available

Plant size: 40 cm high

Pot size: 3 ltr

Price: 19.00
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