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Conifer Trees

Conifer trees includes a huge variety of species and cultivars from dwarf or miniature conifers that make wonderful landscaping trees, right though to large trees that are grown commercially for timber. They are called ‘Coniferous trees’ as they are ‘ cone bearing’, many also have needle like leaves, most are evergreen. However as with everything we have exceptions, a few species are deciduous and this includes the Larch or ‘Larix’ varieties. Some also have ‘scale like’ foliage, this is very a large group of trees and shrubs, many species make excellent garden plants. The trees that are used in landscaping and are best suited to the home garden are the varieties that are of most interest.


When you are looking at selecting the best conifers for your garden, you can start with size, foliage color and growth habit.

♣ Upright, weeping and dwarf forms are all available.

♣ Foliage color varies from green through to the blues, and gold as well.

♣ You can also consider growth rate, some, especially the dwarf forms are very slow growing, others are much quicker.

♣ As coniferous trees are found naturally in wide range of climates, you will also find some that are suited to coastal conditions, while others prefer the cool of the mountains

Landscaping Uses

From low growing ground cover types, to hedging and screening trees, conifer trees have if covered. You can also find weeping forms that make excellent feature trees in a landscape design. And of course, coniferous trees are widely used in landscaping.