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Plants and Gardens

Conifer Trees

Conifer trees includes a huge variety of species and cultivars from dwarf or miniature conifers that make wonderful landscaping trees, right though to large trees that are grown commercially for timber. They are called ‘Coniferous trees’ as they are ‘ cone bearing’, many also have needle like leaves, most are evergreen. However as with everything […]

Landscaping with Conifers

Conifers have become a favourite of landscapers and gardeners alike due to the huge range of varieties that are available for ornamental purposes. All sorts of shapes, sizes, foliage textures and colours have been cultivated in order to provide design solutions for the innovative garden designer. The use of conifers as feature elements of a […]

Landscaping with Trees

Landscaping Trees are used widely in gardens and parks and serve a number of purposes. Trees used for landscape design may be selected for the shade they provide, for the flowering attributes, for fall colour for general shape and form and even for the colour and texture of the bark of some tree. Landscaping trees […]

Using Trees in the Garden

The backbone of most garden designs, trees and shrubs provide structure in the landscape as well as shade, privacy and flowers Trees and shrubs can actually help reduce heat, it is possible to reduce summer cooling bills by as much as 20% if trees are planted to provide appropriate shade. Trees can also reduce the […]


Proper planting techniques and cultural practices are two important ways to ease a plant through transplanting and help ensure the long-term health of the plant. General guidelines for planting and maintaining the health of a plant are outlined below. It is important to be aware of the fact that not all plants are the same […]