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Using Trees in the Garden

The backbone of most garden designs, trees and shrubs provide structure in the landscape as well as shade, privacy and flowers

Trees and shrubs can actually help reduce heat, it is possible to reduce summer cooling bills by as much as 20% if trees are planted to provide appropriate shade. Trees can also reduce the effects of wind, both cold and hot winds, trees will actually slow evaporation on hot windy days, soils maintain moisture and understory plants are given protection.

Trees also act as barriers to noise as well as wind, and can also form a living privacy screen. Trees can reduce freeway noise by up to 5db. Remember that trees also help absorb fumes and are a part of the fight against increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and greenhouse emissions.

It is always interesting to note that commercial retail and residential developments are some of the biggest users of trees, trees actually attract people, residential streets lined with appropriate trees can actually improve house sale values.

So what about falling leaves and invasive root systems? Leaves can be composted and returned to the soil, or used as mulch, raking leaves should not be seen a chore, use it as a valuable form of exercise. Root systems can be controlled using root barriers to protect drains, paths and foundations, but remember that not all trees have invasive root systems, choose the right tree for the right location.

Small trees for small gardens, large trees larger gardens as well as for parks and rural areas, contact us for advice.